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Work with Eden to develop your Solar or Biomass project.
Cutting-edge Commercial Solar Heating Systems – at no capital cost.

  • Reduce your energy overheads by up to 50% with no capital investment
  • Future-proof your organisation
  • Eden Sustainable – a safe pair of hands for the long run

Solar Rooftops & SOLAR Farms

Develop your roof or land into a sustainable, income-generating asset with no capital cost! Don’t miss out on government-backed incentives.

Why install free Solar PV?

  • Reduce your electricity bills by over 20%
  • Future-proof your organisation with a Power Purchase Agreement
  • No capital cost required
  • Versatile – full spectrum of roof types
  • Owner-occupied and tenant solutions
  • ROI up to 20% with self-funded solar solutions
  • Supports environmental targets and combats climate change
  • No adverse effects on your organisation’s activities
  • Feel good about yourself: you, your staff and your customers
  • No disruption during deployment

Do you own 3 to 30 acres?

Gain a guaranteed income from your land with no capital or ongoing cost.

If you have land which is largely flat and unshaded, not too overlooked by a built-up area, not in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and not too far from power lines, then talk to Eden to establish if you are eligible for a guaranteed income from a solar farm. 

Eden’s expertise will ensure your land is turned into an income-generating asset for around 25 years. Not only does the solar farm require no injection of resources at the start, or during the lease, but it will also add to the biodiversity of the region.

Commercial Biomass and Solar Heating

Sounds too good to be true?

What we need from you is a lease for around 25 years.
We work together to optimise your asset for the long run.

Eden prides itself on sound, long-term ethics and its ability to select and develop key projects. With our funding already secured, we undertake every aspect of the development process with no cost to the business or landowner (from options appraisal to system design, from construction to operations and maintenance). 

It is in everyone’s interest to ensure the power plant functions as planned for the duration of our relationship.


In safe hands, and it costs you nothing.
A meticulous process to ensure your project runs smoothly and successfully.
We take care of everything at our own cost.

  • Initial Site Survey
  • Modelling and Savings Forecasts
  • Options Appraisal
  • Planning Application Submission (if required)
  • Distribution Network Operator 
  • Connection Agreement
  • Structural Assessments
  • Electrical Assessments
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • System Design
  • Construction
  • System Registrations
  • Operations and Maintenance

Commercial Biomass and Solar Heating


Typical examples

Commercial Biomass and Solar Heating

Commercial Biomass Heating


Commercial Solar Heating

Commercial Biomass Heating Systems

Upgrade your organisation’s heating system and reduce energy overheads with a green, cutting-edge biomass system – at no capital cost! Focus on your core business whilst Eden takes care of everything.

Commercial Biomass and Solar Heating


Solar power and biomass have been dramatically incentivised by the UK government since the Renewables Obligation began in 2002. The Renewable Energy Strategy further boosted the market through the launch of the Feed in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive in 2009.

These incentives bring highly bankable yields for a huge range of businesses, landowners and organisations. In the UK we are all contributing to this budget in some way. Now, the capital cost that previously prevented some from benefitting from this investment is no longer an obstacle. Eden Sustainable provides fully-funded solutions so that we can all avoid missing out and capitalise on our own government incentives.


Let solar power or biomass benefit your home, school or community.
Develop your roof or plant room into a sustainable and income-generating asset.

Solar PV brings bankable government incentives, non-disruptive deployment and is highly versatile. Schools can benefit in ways that suit their operations, budget and roof space.

A rooftop solar installation or biomass heating system will enable your school to reduce energy overheads and future-proof itself. Work with Eden to achieve the best financial approach and market-leading equipment for you.

Biomass and Solar Heating

Commercial Biomass Systems

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