Commercial – Happy People

“ This scheme has been on the cards for a long time with various companies, thankfully Oakapple and Eden came along and took the bull by the horns and supplied fit for purpose legal documents and technical and legal teams that were efficient and motivated to get the project over the line, we look forward to using the discounted, on site generated green energy, along with the cost savings, it enhances our green credentials without an up front investment, which on all fronts, has to be a winner”

Richard Poole, FD, Doncaster Rovers

“As far as we know we have the largest solar array on a school in Britain. One thing everyone knows is the price of electricity will carry on going up,
so fixing the price with an Eden PPA is great for Wellacre moving forward.”

Mrs Christine Ellis, Business and Finance Director, Wellacre Academy

“Having acknowledged the need for solar power to play a vital role in reducing energy overheads and being a responsible, sustainable company, we are delighted that working with Eden has enabled us to do this in a way that has incurred no Capex or hassle. I would recommend any large corporation talk to them.”

Barry Rafferty, Operations Director, Xtratherm UK Ltd


“These free fit solar arrays are fantastic for sports clubs, but also brilliant for businesses.  It’s a win win situation and you don’t get many of those”

Mr. Ray Cullen, Gatley Golf Club.