Launching 2021 – Eden grows amidst the challenging Covid backdrop

2020 was a difficult year for planet earth, Covid has touched every single one of us, but thankfully Eden has navigated this and continued its strategic growth handsomely.  A successful refinance at the heart of lockdown, a new strategic funding relationship and a marked increase in deal flow.  As we head into 2021 we will have added 30% to our staff resources and all the signs are we are heading for an excellent year.  Taking stock, Eden believe in building key relationships, and retaining them, in order to deploy as much solar as possible.  Eden focus on private wire ‘behind the meter’ solar, but are also involved in utility scale projects backed by other revenue models.  Eden are developing, constructing and funding exciting projects with growth across Multinational, Multi-Academy Trusts and SME sectors.

Iron Mountain UK Solar Rooftop Programme

During 2020 Eden successfully completed phase one of deployment of PPA solar for Iron Mountain’s UK Estate. This comprised 8 industrial buildings of suitable UK owner occupied sites for the huge US Multinational, and are now working hard on the remainder, as we help them achieve their RE100 carbon reduction goals, and create sustainable long term impact investments.  Eden are incredibly proud of our success in liaising with its key partner Aniron and all parts of the Iron Mountain team, across the US and UK, to deliver this roll out and achieve shared goals.

Oasis Community Learning

One of the largest Multi Academy Trusts in the UK, Eden are delighted to partner with Oasis and are due on site for the first of the 14 schools which have been approved for solar in early March.  Scott Burrows, co-founder and Director of Eden, is also delighted to sit on the Oasis Sustainability Working Group; Oasis are taking fantastic steps and genuinely trailblazing in carbon reduction and the broader sustainability piece. Solar in schools is a powerful tool for not only direct carbon reduction, but dissemination of sustainability and the climate change message to the broader community. Oasis has 30,000 students and 5000 staff so this is a fantastic game changer.

Scott Burrows, co-founder and Director at Eden, “Clearly Covid 19 has dramatically affected the way we have lived our lives for the last few months, but the fantastic thing is it has also sharpened the focus on Sustainability at Oasis. We are delighted to help Oasis achieve their goals by developing and funding their solar roll out.  Solar is just one of a suite of sustainable energy measures; but it is a potent and visible flagship that helps spread the message to the Oasis Community” 

John Barneby, COO, Oasis Community Learning, “We believe that the Education sector has a responsibility to raise awareness and empower future generations to ensure the sustainability of our planet”

Xtratherm UK Ltd, part of the Unilin and Mohawk group

Back in 2016 Eden constructed a 500kW solar array on this Multinationals UK site.  2021 sees Eden extend the solar array to a total of 2.15MW.  Xtratherm are a large consumer of power, whose energy efficiency product base is well aligned with Eden’s mission.  


The solar provision is increasingly attractive for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises.  In this post subsidy era we are seeing exceptional growth in demand, as businesses increasingly expect to assess their own energy needs with a cost savings and carbon savings lens. High consumers of power with large roofs are increasingly considering solar as a commodity, in the same as they look at their energy bills. Eden and its network of channel partners across the UK work hard to provide an accessible and market leading solution for either Fully funded, or self funded solar.

The Pickwell Foundation

The Pickwell foundation (part of the broader Eden group) has continued to make grants in the areas of  displaced people and climate change. We are delighted that despite Covid, it’s work has continued and over £200k of grants have been made in 2020.

‘As we enter 2021 it is great to see that despite a UK lockdown, so many companies are looking at how they can reduce the climate impact of their activities by installing renewables. We are excited to be at the forefront this work in reducing UK carbon emissions as we go through this huge energy transition’

Steve Baker, Chairman, and Co-founder of Eden and the Pickwell Foundation.

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