Making decisions in the light of the IPCC report.

Despite being tempered with political influences, the latest IPCC Report remains blunt with its key messages.  An increase of 2C is too much, 1.5C just about renders the planet habitable.

I remember the earliest IPCC reports, starting back in 1990, were certain about anthropogenic climate change.  Even in 2000, as a student researching climate change risk construction in Kiribati, low lying coral pacific islands, I recall the blatant affects of climate change.  Back then, the beautiful i-Kiribati people were already talking about migrating to New Zealand or Australia if they needed to.

As individuals, as families, as communities, as SMEs, Bluechips, as public bodies, as nations, as groups of nations, we must start making decisions with the existential risk of the damaging effects of climate change at the front of our minds.  Nobody is carbon perfect, but making the right choices does not have to be a financial burden.  These days, renewable Electricity Tariffs don’t have to cost much more (at home or at work).  Do you really have to eat that much beef?  Do you really have to fly to Europe for that holiday?  Whether you have the cash to invest or not, you can benefit from solar power at work (our PPA solution is 100% capex and opex free for you as a corporate).  Come and talk to us about it at the Solar and Storage Live conference at the NEC, we are on stage there at 2pm 17th October.

Banks have a big role to play.  The IPCC tells us we need to invest $2.4 trillion annually.  That seems a lot, but it also provides a fantastic opportunity for the sector.   Campaign groups like Protect Our Winters (POW) are starting to work hard in this space to encourage banks to make vigilant sustainable decisions.

We must act.  We must up the ante.  We must start changing our values.  We must start turning values into actions.  We must do it now, and anything other than now is too late.

“ACT NOW, IDIOTS”, I think is how Kaisa Kosonen, of Greenpeace, put it. If Kaisa is referring to humankind at large, I tend to agree.

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Scott Burrows, Co-Founder and Director, Eden

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