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Prosperity and growth go hand in hand with carbon reduction.

Towards a global climate deal in Paris 2015.

The UK government has just launched its vision for a global climate agreement.  Geopolitics drives the global climate agenda, and since Kyoto it has consistently been a battle for consensus.  DECC is making all the right noises and what is particularly pleasing is the emphasis on the low carbon economy.  Combating climate change does not means combating prosperity.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey said:

“You can go green and continue to prosper and develop – that is the strong message we will be taking to the global community in the coming months.

“There is an increasing political will from big and small countries alike to tackle climate change both through domestic action and in the international negotiations. And it is not just governments who want a deal, there is wide spread support from businesses, NGOs and campaign groups both in the UK and internationally.

“I’m confident that the momentum is building to make Paris next year a decisive point in history. A moment when the world comes together and agrees action that will move it towards a safer, healthier and more prosperous future.”

We need to work to ensure the political momentum filters down to a sustainable low carbon sector for the weal of all.

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